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About Us

Sooner or later you must find a way to differentiate your product or service.

Sooner or later it always comes down to branding.

Bartender, let’s do that again…. Sooner or later it always comes down to branding.

A good product with a compelling story is what separates the Coca-Cola’s from the commodities. It’s what makes the difference as the market heats up. This is what Proof is all about.

Who Are You Guys?

We’ve made a damned good living being creative problem solvers.

Over the years those solutions have made a boatload of money for our spirits and brewing partners, launching new products and reinventing brands for changing audiences.

Since 2015 we offered similar solutions to the Medical Cannabis segment, an industry with even tougher regulatory standards than spirits. No worries.

We’ve dealt with legal restrictions our entire careers. We are more than up to the current challenges. We don’t require a learning curve.

Brands We Love